Budget Friendly Balkan Tours

Sitting on the outskirts of the Balkan Peninsula, Croatia lies on the crossroads of the East and the West, and is surrounded by many equally fascinating countries. From the Julian Alps in Slovenia, through the Ottoman-infused culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina, down the stunning Croatian coast to the tiny but charming Montenegro and wonderfully diverse Serbia, the Balkan tours are a journey into the heart of Europe.

In history, this area was a lively battlefield where cultures and religions clashed, leaving an interesting mosaic to entertain every visitor. Travelling the Balkans, you will not only witness historical influences, but also the present-day of peoples who were involved in the most recent European conflict, the split up of Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. You will visit cultured cities, historical sites, incredible nature, churches, mosques and monasteries; you will eat fantastic foods and drink unique wines and spirits; you will see something completely different every day and will talk to different people who can understand one another without speaking the same language. A journey of unique stories, the Balkans are an experience to behold.