Croatia Highlights

With many Croatian destinations so popular at the moment, deciding on a few to see might seem like an impossible task. Really, how do you choose between a 1000 islands, 7 National Parks, 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 3 climates, and innumerable traditions, foods and lifestyles? Easily, pick one of our Croatia Highlights tours!

Packing the best bits of Croatia into comprehensive travel itineraries, the Highlights tours serve the essence of our country each time. To get a full grasp on Croatia, make sure the capital city of Zagreb is included. It provides a stark contrast to the coast as well as an insight into continental lifestyles. Foodies should not miss Istria, Croatia’s largest peninsula, for it’s the home of truffles, internationally acclaimed olive oils and some spectacular wines. Lovers of nature and adventures will feel at home discovering the National parks, like the famous Plitvice or its coastal counterpart Krka River. Splendid history is at every corner, but the UNESCO sites of Split and Dubrovnik are not to be missed. And for those seeking the unfound – aim for Zadar or Šibenik, coastal gems still undiscovered by masses.